Our Mission

We research a wide range of biological problems and systems, with internationally recognized strengths that include:


  • Cellular Organization and Dynamics
  • Tissue Patterning and Morphogenesis 
  • Regulation of Genetic and Epigenetic Information
  • Biological Circuits and Signaling

The Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology  (MGCB) is an innovative interdisciplinary community of scientists committed to investigating molecular aspects of biological phenomena that operate on a cellular scale.  We invite you to explore our programs and get to know us better. 

UChicago announces 2021 winners of Quantrell and Graduate Teaching Awards

Sally Horne-Badovinac, PhD, Professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, has been awarded the prestigious Quantrell Teaching Award, and well-deserved it is! Annually, the University recognizes faculty for their commitment and outstanding teaching and mentoring of both undergraduate and graduate students.

Click here for more info and visit the Horne-Badovinac Lab for more of Sally's amazing research and work!

Please welcome our newest faculty member Sampriti Mukherjee

The overarching goal of the Mukherjee lab is to understand how bacteria decode and integrate self-generated and environmentally-derived stimuli to control transitions between individual and collective behaviors.