The Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology - MGCB - operates within the Division of Biological Sciences. Its faculty investigate molecular aspects of biological phenomena that operate on a cellular scale. The Department currently represents research on a wide range of biological problems and systems - its internationally recognized strengths include:

- invertebrate and vertebrate development
- plant development and plant pathogen interactions
- molecular biology
- immunology
- microbiology
- cellular structure and function
- yeast genetics

The department administers the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate program in the Molecular Biosciences Graduate Training Program Cluster. The cluster combines five programs: Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB), Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB), Human Genetics (HG), Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology (GGSB), and Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology (DRSB). MGCB also plays key roles in the undergraduate biology curricula at the University.


MGCB has launched a search for new faculty.
Review of applications will begin October 15, 2014 and continue until the position is filled.
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Lucia B. Rothman-Denes, PhD, Professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, has been elected by her peers to be a member of the National Academy of Sciences, May 2, 2014

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SEPTEMBER 2014 - MAY 2015

All seminars are at 4:00 PM in CLSC 101
(*unless indicated).

October 28, 2014
Gene-Nuclear Pore Interactions Regulate Transcription, Chromatin Structure and Spatial Organization of the Nucleus
Jason Brickner, Northwestern University

November 6, 2014
To be or not to be? - guarding epithelial identity and differentiation
Xing Dai, The University of California, Irvine

November 13, 2014
Meiotic adaptation to whole genome duplication
Kirsten Bomblies, Harvard University

November 25, 2014
Finding treasures in our Junk DNA
John Rinn, Harvard University

April 23, 2015
BSLC 109

The Mechanism of T Cell Signaling
Ron Vale, The University of California, San Francisco


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